Why Ramona loved working with TEDxBinnenhof Academy

The last few months, students from Inholland University of Applied Science in The Hague and Diemen have been working with TEDxBinnenhof in the Academy. They have been working on their own viewing events, which are held on March 31 also, and look for the X of their peers and teachers.

Like Ramona Valimareanu, a second year student of International Media and Entertainment Management (IMEM) in The Hague. She was part of Bear and Arrow Media, that made two productions for TEDxBinnenhof 2016. We asked her about her experience with TEDxBinnenhof, Academy and what it was to work for and with us.

“I am Ramona Maria Valimareanu, I am 20 years old, I am from Romania and I have been living in The Netherlands for almost two years now. Since all my life I have been passionate about discovering new things and learning more during the process, I never wanted to limit myself to staying in my home country and blend in. Which is why I made the brave decision of stepping outside my comfort zone a bit and leave everything behind. I do not regret it, not even a bit and I think and hope this is just a small part of my journey in this world.
I know that without my family’s support I would have never made it here, so another thing that really matters to me is family. The values and education that I was honoured to receive from my parents during my childhood, but also receiving an education from a system that tries to teach you so many things that could be irrelevant but in the end aiming to bring the best out of you are also parts of myself, parts that I carry around and talk about with the others. I will always be proud of my origin because without that, I wouldn’t be here.”

Which course are you part of at Inholland?
“I am in the second year studying International Media and Entertainment Management. During the first half of the second year, I was part of the NEWb semester in an audiovisual team and TEDxBinnenhof was our client. Our project was formed of two main assignments: for the first assignment we had to develop a short documentary about how TEDxBinnenhof was founded, the present of the organisation and their future plans. Apart from that, the second assignment was about interviewing a couple of TEDx’s partners such as Shell and TomTom.
My role was to take care of all the financial aspects of the project and also be always on set, since I was the one in charge of the sound.”

What did you learn from the work you did?
“I learned that working under pressure is indeed tough, but it is totally worth it. I also had the chance to be seen as more than a student, I was talking to professionals in the field and I was an entrepreneur. My opinion mattered. I think TEDxBinnenhof is a great reference. They have plenty of connections and I also think they are just perfect for a university such as Inholland. I would definitely recommend working with them.”

Thanks for those kind words. Ramona isn’t the only one who talked to us and told about how it was for them. Amerigo also sat down to write it all down. And what about Kirsten, Klimentina, Yana, Léon and Bariş? Take a look at there interviews.

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