ACE, 30 seconds to change Europe: Find your X

“Five Young professionals who can make the difference”

ACE is a group of five creative, diverse and passionate young professionals. With a number of different backgrounds, each member of the team is unique and brings something special to the table. Together, we work on creative projects and creating personalized experiences to reach the goals of our clients. But what makes this job so interesting?

Louise: Each project is unique: different goal, different approach and a different outcome. This is where it gets creative! At school projects are done from the theoretical point of view, however putting theory to practice and implementing legitimate projects is what makes the difference. You can’t force creativity, but if you don’t apply effort in your work then going forth with a project it isn’t worth it. One thing I learned from working with TEDxBinnenhof is that the sky isn’t the limit. If your idea is good and the ambition and motivation is present, anything is possible.

Thomas: As someone who has always been interested in Marketing and Strategy, I was very happy to have the opportunity to help TEDxBinnenhof create their marketing campaign, as it taught me more than any book or lecturer could have taught me. These new insights and experiences are invaluable to me, as I know that they will be of great use in the future as marketing is something that is all around us. We all agree that working with TEDxBinnenhof has been such a great opportunity for all of us to gain experience, and to push ourselves to create an experience that exceeds their expectations.

Klimentina: Experience Marketing and Concepting both play a large role in a lot of fields in the Creative Industry. This includes my future work field of choice: Television. Getting experience in the marketing field with such projects is of great importance and will definitely be useful in the future.

Denis: Its one thing working on a university project, and it’s another thing when working on a project for a company like TEDxBinnenhof. This experience is incomparable to any other projects that I personally have worked on in the past. I can now apply everything I’ve learned throughout my days at university. This is more than just a learning experience for me. It’s one more bridge that is bringing me closer to the start of my future.

Kristen: I couldn’t have imagined a better opportunity gaining work experience in Experience Marketing for a client like TEDxBinnenhof. Seeing our idea go from just being on paper to something real is something I didn’t expect when we started working on the project. For me, my passion is keeping people entertained and to touch them with my work. With a lot of audio-visual experience under my belt, expansion into the creation of experiences fulfilled my passions in a new and unique way. In the future I hope to combine the two and keep moving and inspiring people.

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