Anna Klas, Social Media Service Agent

“I would like to make the world a better place for all the tea pickers, -drinkers and -producers”

TED(x) talks were featured in my lectures, therefor working for TEDxBinnenhof is like a dream come true as I get to experience behind the scenes and am able to contribute to creating a valuable experience to others. In addition, I also value the fact that most talks are aimed at providing solutions to improve the world for the better.

I interned as a Social Media Service Agent. I was able to apply the skills I acquired while writing my blog, Memarustan to my work as a Social Media Service Agent. During my internship, I learned that not only do I represent and provide service to the external communication, but I also get to look at online statistics to engage more with the public. The internship at TEDxBinnenhof ‘Ideas from Europe,’ has helped me discover which career paths I would like to explore in the future. In 2016 I will be studying in Madrid to further explore the communications field and increase my chances of having a successful career in the international communication field.

In the future, I see myself working in the tea industry as an online communication specialist. The tea industry is still an uncut jewel that needs to be polished and shined. Many people suffer from low income and even worse living/working conditions. With my work I would like to contribute to improve and better the world for all tea pickers, -drinkers and -producers.

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