Creative Campfire: 30 seconds to change Europe: Find your X

The team ‘’Creative Campfire’’ includes Aram Wrinkler, Karen Franken , Me’shell Renjaan and Sören Schmidt, four young, creative and motivated students. When thinking about what kind of company we would like to be, we thought about what our team stands for and how we have implemented that in our projects. We wanted to be memorable and clear and we wanted our concept to identify with the company name as well.

The process of coming up with our company name was very creative and inspiring. The outcome of our creative brainstorm session was that we would like to share ‘’Brand’’ messages with the world. The best way to communicate these messages would be by creating stories around a particular ‘’brand’’ through experiences that would be relatable to consumers and give them a sense of interaction and belonging.

Before man learned to write, stories were passed down from generation to generation. The best stories are told around a flickering fire all huddled up together, listening to what the storyteller has to say, never to be forgotten. That experience is what we want to deliver, creating brand awareness by engaging people and then gaining their preference and loyalty.

Creative Campfire is: Aram Wrinkler (Communication), Sören Schmidt (Project leader), Karen Franken (Design & Development), Me’shell Renjaan (Strategy)

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