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“What do students need to become part of a Viewing Party?”

Events to Advance (E2A) is a company, run by five Media and Entertainment Students, that focus on organising corporate events. The company is created for a school assignment called NEWb at InHolland University of Applied Sciences.

The target group of E2A is the business to business market and is specialized in exhibitions, conferences, symposia and seminars. The reason for targeting the business to business market is because the business and formality aspect really matches with the core values of the entrepreneurs of E2A. In accordance with the client, E2A is able to organize an event which completely meets the needs and wishes of the client. Every individual of the group features different talents, which makes E2A a strong and diverse company.

The name of the company, Events to Advance, makes it clear that it is an event company that always strives to be better and one step ahead of the competition. E2A will be using the newest technologies however in a different way than the competition. This will ensure that clients will always choose E2A over any other company.  The definition of advanced is “to move or bring forward”, this is the slogan of E2A. The slogan reflects exactly what the company stands for. The core values of E2A are progressive, dynamic and professional.

E2Adid a promotional campaign for TEDxBinnenhof – Ideas from Europe. This event will take place on the 31st of March, 2016. The campaign included organising a viewing party the 20th of November at three different locations at InHolland University of Applied Sciences, The Hague, Rotterdam and Diemen. At the viewing party, a guest speaker, who did not get selected for the Ideas from Europe will address the students. Next, the students will watch a live stream of Ideas from Europe. The main goal of the viewing parties is to create awareness for TEDxBinnenhof and to stimulate students to organize their own viewing party on the 31th of March 2016.

The campaign includes designing a manual for students which will guide them to organize their own viewing party. E2A will also distribute promotional material in order to promote TEDxBinnenhof.

Events to Advance is: Elvira Bazuin, Ninini Makhanlal, Naomi Rodjan, Desteny van Paassen and Jade Kraan.

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