Ideas from Europe invited for the SME assembly conference in Bratislava

We are pleased that we are invited to attend the SME assembly conference on 23 – 25 November in Bratislava, where we can show Europe the experience and results developed over the especially past 7 month regarding our search, engagement and joint development activities.

Our goals as Ideas from Europe is to scout for solutions for global challenges which are already there. In our search we have seen that a lot of the solutions often lie with start-up companies. Through our joint development activities we help those start-ups to reach new heights. To achieve this, we aim to illuminate relevant aspects of joint development; knowledge, expertise, regulations, best practices, and to involve people and organisations who can add value.

The program of this year’s SME assembly includes keynote speeches from high-level politicians and dignitaries, interactive sessions, the 10th European Enterprise Promotion Award, the Get In The Ring, masterclasses, bootcamps to promote start-ups and scale-ups and their supporters.

On November 24 the team of Ideas from Europe will present themselves to the SME envoys of the member EU states and let them experience our vision and evidence that together we can support start- and scale-ups and doing so contribute to solving the global challenges we face and make a better world.

On November 25, during the Scale Up Lab, we will make the audience part of our joint development activities, and together look for ways to make the entrepreneurial ecosystems as transparent as possible in order to help the entrepreneurs with a broad social impact in all EU countries perform and grow.

The SME Assembly is the regular assembly of SME-envoys of all Member states. This edition is held in Bratislava, Slovakia, the current holder of the Precedency of the EU Council.

We look forward to share our experience and show what we have already achieved, and, most of all what we can accomplish yet once our movement will be embraced by all the European countries. So stay with us! You can follow us via the twitter @ideasfromeurope using #SMEAssembly2016 or #EEPA2016, and via our website of facebook.

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