Featuring Ideas from Europe at the Dutch Embassy in Ljubljana

Every TEDxBinnenhof Dutch embassies from around the world help us spread Ideas worth Spreading. With great enthusiasm they set up their own viewing event, where they watch 2 or 3 or sometimes all the TEDxBinnenhof Talks live with their audience. Usually they select a theme that is relevant to their trade relations with the country they’re based in. By inviting speakers of their own and hosting interactive discussions about innovation and trade they have time and again generated amazing responses globally. This year the Dutch embassies are joining us again and we will connect with a few of them live from the Knight’s Hall in The Hague to see what they are up to. We will leave it up to our embassy in Ljubljana to introduce themselves:

We are the Dutch embassy in Ljubljana, and we organize ‘Ideas from Europe: Ljubljana-Zagreb-The Hague LIVE’.

It was not necessarily TEDxBinnenhof itself, but the ideas, that are inspiring us to cooperate in this event. Great ideas worth spreading, and truly ideas from Europe – in The Hague alone, there are ideas representing 11 nationalities. TEDxBinnenhof does a great job in connecting these different countries. We wanted to connect people and do the same on a smaller scale, so we decided to cooperate with our counterparts in Croatia: the Dutch embassy in Zagreb. Together we are doing an unprecedented event: a virtual panel discussion in two countries at the same time.

We will try to highlight TEDxBinnenhof and the priorities of the Dutch EU presidency (in this case job creation and innovation) in Slovenia and Croatia. In collaborating with our colleagues in Zagreb, we provide a good example of a European cooperation, as also is prioritized in the EU2016 programme.

The leading theme of TEDxBinnenhof is ‘Ideas from Europe’. In Ljubljana and Zagreb we think that the best example of ideas from Europe is cross-border cooperation. So we organized a truly European event: at the same time in different countries, we have a live viewing event of TEDxBinnenhof and an international panel discussion on ideas and innovation – via Skype. Two cities, two moderators, one connection – literally ideas from Europe. We want to show that there ideas are worth spreading across national borders, so we invited innovators from both Croatia and Slovenia to talk about their projects and comment on the talks in The Hague. To reinforce the theme of the event, we will hold Ideas from Europe in Ljubljana’s City of Design, a place full of innovative ideas and products. There is room for only a limited number of participants, but the impact of our event is way bigger: not only do we have attention in neighbouring Croatia; we have already found two media partners to ensure good coverage in the Slovene media.


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