Inholland organises Viewing events in The Hague and Diemen

We at TEDxBinnenhof have been working hard to make sure our event will be perfect. But we are not the only ones. Students from Inholland in both The Hague and Diemen have been working extremely hard to organise their own viewing events on March 31.

At the event in The Hague, Richard Francis Kay and Jette Vonk will be some of the speakers at their stage. There will be a mix of discussions, live talks, watch the talks at the Ridderzaal and a networking event.

At the same time, at Inholland Diemen there will also be a viewing event. Students from IBIS have been working round the clock to create a perfect event. With live talks from Erno Pickee, Rik Spann and Rianne Postma and also the livestream to The Hague, this will a great event.

At around five o’clock, there will be a big announcement. The last month, the students have been searching for the X in people. The passion for business, education, innovation. 46 “X-talks” were recorded at The Hague and Diemen.


A jury watched the talks and at 17.00h the best X-talk will be announced. The winners will get help to realize their passion, by financial means and counselling. So check back later to meet the winners.

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