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And that’s it! Many thanks to everyone who came to the Knights Hall, our speakers, the organisation, and of course everyone who followed our Liveblog and feed!

We hade some great laughs, shed a tear or two… it was an emotional rollercoaster!
I say it’s time for a drink.



All speakers are up on the stage now for feedback and and support for their initiatives. It’s so great to see all these people who are representing large companies and groups who want to support tomorrow’s ideas!


Jos Joore talks about how grows human cells to help pharmaceutical companies create medicine for individuals. They’re working on a device which will help test the effectiveness of medicine on specific people.

Every day we spend a 1000 billion euros on medication in the world. Only 3 out of 10 work. So actually we throw away 700 billion… We need to change the way we think about medicine.

“One size fits all” is history – future medicine are personalised for individual patients!”


“Teacher of the Year” Micael Hermansson is talking about how to make learning in school more fun. By putting more focus on one specific topic every day and by pushing the concept of “Learning is Cool”.

“No more nothing special; School became cool”


By creating a more creative educational system children will be able to learn in a way specifically designed for them.

“My dream is to create a school that can recognise and harness the power of “Play”.”


After a short video up next is Stefania Druga, on Hackidemia.
Hackidemia is an educational system to learn children how to program.

since 2012 over 8000 children have participated in the program.

“Children should learn how to programme or they well be programmed.”


We’re now on Skype with Slovenia and Croatia (Zagreb) on the beamers, very cool!


Cécile Real explaining the ignorance and importance associated with the disease Endometriosis: Endodiag enables a quick detection of this mystery disease.

“In Europe alone product development costs us 13 million euros a year”


Pirkka Palomäki and his team have developed a wireless device to be put inside garbage bins to detect how full a bin is. This will help create a system to streamline waste disposal in the future.

“We actually call this the “Internet of Bins”

“There will always be waste, but it’s up to us to manage it”


Mr. Loannou wants to create a medical network through an app that reminds the elderly and allows others to monitor them from a distance.

“Everything nowadays is widely available and free, but not widely implementable.”


Charalampos Loannou is up next. He’ll be talking about reinventing assistive care.


We’re back, Jim Stoltze just announced that the European Commission will continue with “Ideas from Europe” every other year!

Ms. Bieńkowska has taken the stage. She’s talking about the history of the Knights Hall, the modernisations it has seen and how that applies to life as well.

“Thank you to all the previous speakers, and to the coming speakers, go on, inspire us!”

Short break for drinks#champagne #smoothies #TEDxB16 #ideasfromeurope

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Now it’s time for a short break, after which Elżbieta Bieńkowska, a European Commissioner, will give a short speech.


Gerhard Dust is giving us a very impressive talk about turning sand into building blocks to produce cheaper and quicker to build houses all around the world!

“Think of all the people with no place to call home. Empowering these people will not bring houses, but communities.”


“The key to reducing and preventing many diseases lies in food”


Dr. Nora Khaldi – talking about the future of health.

“97% of public expenditure goes out to curing diseases and only 3% goes to preventing it.”


Nathan Farrugia is now talking about “Turning Disability into Ability”.  His initiative wants to assist people with disabilities in finding occupation.

“If we keep putting people into boxes that we call job descriptions, we lose their potential”

“We need to figure out a way to tap into their skills and strengths.”


WeFarm wants to support 1 million farmers next year to improve their livelihoods and do it using their own knowledge and ideas.

They’re currently raising funds to take WeFarm to the next level and their goal is to support over 100 million farmers by connecting them online in the future.

Kenny Ewan from #wefarm explaining the importance of information sharing for farmers #TEDxB16 #wefarm

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Kenny Ewan is now talking about getting the internet access all around the world, focussing on the Third World to assist development in farming.

“It’s almost a universal truth that having access to information can lift these people out of poverty.”

“The rules in developing countries are not different.”


Lorenzo Pradella has taken the stage to talk about a new technology to create bamboo bone transplants.

Thank you ms. Schjøll! Great talk!


Ms. Schjøll is telling us how IRIS AI works. Based on tags IRIS AI can process and archive every research paper on any topic.

“I think it is time to build an artificial intelligence that can connect all research and knowledge.”


Coming up now is Anita Schjøll to talk about IRIS AI, a smart algorithm for data collection.

“I believe that people have already found the solutions to most problems. The problem is that these problems come in the form of puzzle pieces.”


Mr. van Dam is currently talking about the concept of ideas, that every idea is worth looking into, developing and that there’s always a market for your ideas.

“The whole world is your potential customer base, rival and partner, all at the same time.”


Our host Jim Stoltze is now introducing todays’ speakers. Talking about previous TEDxBinnenhof events and introducing Martijn van Dam (State Secretary for Economic Affairs) to the stage.


Through interactive 3D renderings and interpretive dance combined with spoken word poetry they’re painting a picture of modern communication, idea development and thought processes.

“Ideas, small fragments coming together.”


And we’re off! LUSTlab is showing us how vibrations are translated into words through poetry.


Ms. van Notten needs to be in the picture too!

Running for the press photo at #TEDxB16 #ideasfromeurope

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People have started taking their seats in the Knights Hall. Everything is going really well so far and our livestream is up and running!


Guests are arriving as we speak!
Get involved and share your ideas at #TEDxB16 and #IdeasFromEU on Facebook and Twitter.


Good morning! We’re all working hard to kick off an exciting afternoon.
Stay tuned here or watch live here! (Livestream starts at 13:30).



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