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Dear supporters,

We’d like to express our sincere gratitude for all the support you’ve shown our Wildcard Candidates! We were absolutely blown away that over 60.000 people participated.

We do hope that you will show your continued support, because this is only the beginning! On 31 March Charalampos (Harris) Ioannou and Micael Hermansson will join our ten other speakers in the Knight’s Hall in The Hague and the other Wildcard candidates are still eligible for an invitation to speak at one of our many viewing parties worldwide!

Furthermore, we’d like to apologise again for the issues we experienced with our website. We weren’t able to resolve it entirely, but we hope that our decision to invite both the two leading candidates will have eliminated any uncertainties about the outcome. But mostly we felt that, with over 20.000 votes each, both candidates have Ideas Worth Spreading, and that’s what we at TEDx are here for!

The final results:

Charalampos Ioannou  –  Greece                       28.852

Micael Hermansson  –  Sweden                          20.364

Anita Bušić  –  Croatia                                          3.180

Martin Wesian  –  Austria                                    2.709

Miguel Neiva  –  Portugal                                     2.238

Janis Spogis – Latvia                                             2.171

Aitor Ojanguren  –  Spain                                       907

Laurent Eschenauer  –  Belgium                           402

Georg Rute  –  Estonia                                             166

Arestis Vrontis  –  Cyprus                                        164

Oswald Schröder  –  Luxembourg                           59

Igor Zacek  –  Slovakia                                               52

Jan Ståhlberg  –  Denmark                                       48

Karolina Vilbikaitė  –  Lithuania                               22

Bence Szórádi  –  Hungary                                        22


Let’s celebrate Ideas Worth Spreading!! Check out our speakers here.

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