Meet our speaker Lorenzo Pradella, on a mission to regenerate bone with bamboo

Now that the big day is almost upon us it is time for you to meet our speakers! Each of them has a unique story to share with you, so just to give you a little taste of what awaits you at TEDxBinnenhof we have given them all the opportunity to introduce themselves to you. Today our speaker Lorenzo Pradella from Italy writes about his personal journey and his inspiration for GreenBone.

After 25 years in pharma and med-tech business I matured the idea of becoming an entrepreneur. During my whole career I have met a number of amazing individuals with deep knowledge and valuable expertise in management, science and spirituality. Each of them shared with me something relevant to draw inspiration from, and to continue my life-long learning journey. I was then deeply impacted by the spirit of adventure, creativity and passion of startup ecosystems I got involved with, like the one at the University of California at San Francisco and Yissum in Jerusalem.

It was “great chemistry at first glance” with Prof. Anna Tampieri and her team at the Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics-CNR in Faenza Italy. Their knowledge and innovative ideas in bone regeneration using bamboo are world-class.

We share the same determination: providing optimal care. The whole team at GreenBone is anxious to see patients avoid amputation and major bone damage due to trauma, cancer or spine degeneration. Thanks to the idea of transforming bamboo into a load-bearing implant, we are now able to offer those patients a complete, regenerative process. Our daily inspiration is to improve the healing process and recovery time of patients, improving dramatically their quality of life, while reducing healthcare and social costs.

Creating a new company like GreenBone has been challenging, but also very exciting. It was a personal investment and a long-term commitment. There is personal satisfaction to be derived from the social responsibility aspect. GreenBone has the opportunity to benefit many patients with severe diseases and no real hope for a normal life.

A startup entrepreneur has to be a conscious visionary. It is important to follow a dream but without losing contact with reality. Innovation only works if it can be translated into a viable product that offers a benefit to the end users and has the potential to become commercially viable. GreenBone’s international clinical study in patients with a 3-5cm bone gap from trauma will start first quarter in 2017. The first product will be ready for commercialization in 2019, making GreenBone attractive for M&A and license with market leaders.

TEDxBinnenhof is an extraordinary opportunity. Watching TED videos on YouTube was always very inspirational for me. I admire many of the great speakers, who have already shared their passion for science and game-changing innovations than can positively impact humanity. Now it is my turn to be on stage. It is emotional and a bit intimidating. I am sure TEDxBinnenhof will provide GreenBone with great exposure and networking opportunities with great people. Our next strategic goals are to close a EUR 5M second round of financing by the end of 2016, to perform the first product EU clinical study, to GMP validate the manufacturing line and eventually to achieve FDA compliance for US development. To move our idea further we need to attract human capital, investors and companies that will allow GreenBone to be properly financed and to support product commercialization.

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