Working with the tides for clean energy.

Rising energy demand and an increasing concern about energy dependence and emissions has led to a global search for renewable energy sources. Tidal energy is a powerful, predictable and untapped renewable energy resource. The worldwide capacity for tidal energy is estimated up to 3TW. Tidal energy is developed by a relatively new industry. The first generation demonstration concepts that are in the water have proven that electricity can be generated, often at any price. To live up to the full potential and to pass that critical point from technology demonstration to commercial farm deployment, the costs need to be reduced.

Ideas worth spreading

Tidal energy has a large worldwide potential. The tides are dictated by the movements of the earth and the moon and are the most predictable and reliable form of renewable energy. How to capture this energy cost efficiently? A lot of resources have been spent on R&D and the first demonstrations are ongoing. Over the next couple years this industry needs to pass the “Valley of Death”, gain momentum and show commercial viability. To all intents and purposes it needs to show compatibility with other forms of renewables. Driving the cost of energy down will be will be the most important aspect.


Allard van Hoeken (Groningen, The Netherlands) is Head of the New Energy department at Bluewater Energy Services. He is responsible for the development of Bluetec. Allard holds a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Delft University of Technology. He completed his master thesis at the NTNU Trondheim. He further holds an MBA from INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France.

Allard joined Bluewater in 1995. He left Bluewater to pursue his MBA and founded several companies still operating today. In 2004 he re-joined Bluewater as Business Development manager for conventional and new products. He was responsible for the Latin American market for several years, based in Houston, USA. He added Tidal Energy as a new potential market for Bluewater and is currently responsible for the development and market introduction of this technology.

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