A portable water drill for the remotest areas.

The FLOFLO is a do-it-yourself water drilling unit. Even without the necessary knowledge and skills, it is possible to set up a FLOFLO and start drilling for water. It is the cheapest, simplest, most effective and most sustainable way to drill a well. How does the FLOFLO work? The FLOFLO operates on a simple principle. By employing a hoist using a three legged tower, the drill pipe (choppy) is hoisted by an attached rope. By releasing the rope the drill pipe (and cutting edge) hits the ground. As a result the soil, hit by the drill pipe, will split even if the soil is rocky. In this repeat process (using man power) the FLOFLO can drill wells up to suitable depth for almost all areas.

Ideas worth spreading

Worldwide access to clean drinking water is a huge problem .The FloFlo is an in-expensive, eco-friendly and sustainable solution.


Floris de Vos (Leiden) is the director of the Foundation Holland Water Goes Africa, established in 2008. He is also the inventor of this simple water drilling unit.

After working as a tour guide on Borneo Malaysia, Floris started working in the offshore oil and gas industry. During a nine months stay in a hospital one of his doctors challenged him to find a cheap and durable solution for a water well for a project in Gambia and Kenya. Floris set up a foundation and came up with the idea of the FLOFLO. This method for drilling wells is very old but little used today. The foundation established two African companies which currently implement this simple but effective method of drilling with great success.

Don’t believe how easy it is? Watch this!

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