• Sweden – Micael Hermansson
    Sweden – Micael Hermansson

    “Grej” Of The Day (GOTD) – Gadget of the Day: Series of regular mini-lessons that consist of clues, fact based sections and curious facts.

  • France – Cécile Real
    France – Cécile Real

    Endodiag – A non-invasive diagnosis tool for endometriosis: A disease that can cause pelvic pains and infertility.

  • Ireland – Dr. Nora Khaldi
    Ireland – Dr. Nora Khaldi

    Nuritas – Data-mining billions of molecules – using AI and DNA analysis – to produce bioactive peptides for medicine and supplements.

  • Finland – Pirkka Palomäki
    Finland – Pirkka Palomäki

    Enevo – A yellow blob that sensors how much waste a bin contains, determining the optimum interval and route for emptying containers.

  • Norway – Anita Schjøll Brede
    Norway – Anita Schjøll Brede

    Iris AI – The Google Maps for Science: scientific knowledge delivered to entrepreneurs and innovators in a personalized and timely manner.

  • Romania – Stefania Druga
    Romania – Stefania Druga

    HacKIDemia – HacKIdemia is a global organization for STEM education at primary schools. Learning by doing.

  • The Netherlands – Jos Joore
    The Netherlands – Jos Joore

    MIMETAS – MIMETAS develops organ-on-a-chip cell culture models for more reliable and tailored medicines, preventing the use of lab animals.

  • Greece – Charalampos Ioannou
    Greece – Charalampos Ioannou

    BioAssist – An app for elderly people that detects if something is wrong and proactively responds.

  • Malta – Nathan Farrugia
    Malta – Nathan Farrugia

    Empower – A social enterprise that connects enterprises and people with disability to provide jobs and empowerment.

    • UK – Kenny Ewan
      UK – Kenny Ewan

      WeFarm – Power of the crowd: Improving millions of lives in the developing world through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing in the global farming industry.

    • Germany – Gerhard Dust
      Germany – Gerhard Dust

      PolyCare – Sustainable building blocks from 87% simple sand, which can easily and quickly be assembled for emergency shelters.

    • Italy – Lorenzo Pradella
      Italy – Lorenzo Pradella

      GreenBone – A highly innovative wood-derived bone implants technology to generate biomimetic – reabsorbable – load bearing implants.