UK – Kenny Ewan

Title of Talk

‘The power of the Crowd: Improving Millions of lives in the Developing World through Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Sharing’



Kenny is CEO of WeFarm, a pioneering social enterprise, scaling a unique peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing platform for the 450 million small-scale farmers around the world with no access to the internet.
After graduating from the University of Dundee, Kenny went to Peru in 2002 to work as a volunteer English teacher. He loved the country so much that he decided to stay.
In 2007, he became Peru’s Country Director for ProWorld Service Corps. This international development NGO specializes in projects for isolated, indigenous communities.
He returned to the UK in 2009 to take a role as part of the Cafedirect Producers Foundation (CPF) start-up team. He designed and managed all of CPF’s international projects across East Africa and Latin America.