Bucharest + Cluj

  1. How did TEDxBinnenhof | Ideas from Europe inspire your mission and/or event?

The embassy wants to reach out to a young entrepreneurial audience. We hope to inspire and encourage confidence in their ideas, initiatives and formats by hosting a TEDxBinnenhof viewing party. We initiated a meeting with ImpactHUB. The HUB offers young businessmen and women the possibility to use the office facilities of the HUB, their networks and participation at trainings. This is exactly the target we are aiming for.

  1. What will your event look like? 

We are working on setting up an event in Bucharest and in Cluj. Cluj is a known university town, where recently ImpactHUB Cluj was opened. Many Dutch companies are located in Cluj and the embassy has an Honorary Consulate there. Date is yet to be confirmed.

The theme of TEDxBinnenhof 2016 is Ideas from Europe.  From social innovators to educators, to professionals, scientists, engineers and doctors, TEDx speakers usually have one thing in common; passion in their field of expertise, a passion that transcends and inspires. For TEDxBinnenhof 2016, innovators from 25 European member states were auditioned and the 12 very best ‘Ideas from Europe’ were selected to grace the famous red circle carpet and inspire us.

It is great that among the selected 12 very best ‘Ideas from Europe’ a Dutch and Romanian speaker were included. Our viewing parties at the HUB Bucharest and HUB Cluj will therefore show the talks of Jos Joore and Stefania Druga and we will carefully select other speakers who are relevant to the Romanian context. The Romanian partner also asked for an established Dutch entrepreneur/CEO to speak about his/hers experiences.

  1. Who will be invited to your event?

We will be inviting members of the HUB, and possibly members of the Romanian Netherlands Chamber of Commerce and Dutch Business Community Cluj.

  1. What do you hope to achieve by organising this event?

By organising this event, we hope to strengthen our network with new and existing contacts. We aim to put the Netherlands on the map by giving an example and to be part of this innovative event.


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