On March 31th 2016, the Dutch Consulate General in Milan is going to participate in the TEDxBinnenhof event.

Our guests have the opportunity, during this occasion, to listen to the TEDx talks in The Hague and to speakers, on the spot, that will introduce interesting themes in the field of innovation and new materials in health and in design.

The TEDx event is a great networking opportunity; representatives of start-ups, science parks, research institutes and students, mainly from Italy, will meet each other. All People with passion in their field of expertise and innovators. We believe they have a key role in doing business in Italy, the Netherlands and internationally.

About 40 attendees have already been registered; they will be welcomed in a practical and informal atmosphere at the Consulate. Main goal of the event is to facilitate discussion on innovation themes among our guests and to explore in what way follow up can be given.

Program – Global Challenges | Ideas from Europe

The 2016 TEDxBinnenhof edition is dedicated to European entrepreneurship in the context of the Dutch EU Presidency. The speakers for TEDxBinnenhof in the Hague have been selected from the 26 member states and Norway. The ideas are not only ‘worth spreading’ but also ‘worth doing’!

Let’s listen to their TEDx talks followed by a discussion at the Consulate General in Milan about innovation in the new materials, in health and in design with experts from the field.

13:00 – 13:40 welcome and light lunch

13.40 – 13.45 opening show from the Hague

13:47 – 13:52 welcome speech from the Hague (Minister/Vice-Minister)

13:52 – 13:54 movie Chris Anderson (founder TED)

13:58 – 14:05 introductory words at the Consulate General in Milan

14:09 – 14:16 Italian speaker on new materials mr. LORENZO PRADELLA (Greenbone Ortho Srl) – livestream from the Hague

14:17 – 14:34 Ms. Francesca Fedeli (Fight the Stroke & TED Ambassador in Italy) & Mr. Paolo Decaro (Frog Design) on innovative health&design – live on the spot

14:35– 14:42 Mr. Aniello Aliberti (Technix Spa) on innovation in radiography – live on the spot

14:43 – 14:50 Mr. Aldo Angeletti (SALF Spa – pharmacology lab) – live on the spot

14:51 – 14:56 Ms. Ariela Benigni (Istituto Mario Negri – Institute for Pharmacological Research) – live on the spot

14.57 – 15:00 Un saluto from Milan to the Hague (in livestreaming) and end of the event

Speeches from the Netherlands will be in English. Discussion at the Consulate in Italian.



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