1. How did TEDxBinnenhof | Ideas from Europe inspire your mission and/or event?

When we were informed about the TEDxBinnenhof event, Ideas from Europe, and we saw that a couple of speakers would focus their talks on health, we decided to seize the opportunity and organize our own e-health TED style event in Russia.

  1. What will your event look like?

In Moscow we will organize this event on April 25 from 14:30 until 18:00. E-health is an important topic in the Netherlands and also in Russia; basically we all are looking for global solutions for common human health threats and challenges. As such, the topic is on the agenda of the bilateral health working group between the Netherlands and Russia. The event will focus on the role and importance of innovative technologies and e-tools in health care and the aim is to show Russian and Dutch innovative thinking and share knowledge about e-health solutions. The TEDx formula allows showcasing real-life examples from the Netherlands and Russia, as such inspiring all present.

  1. Who will be invited to your event?

We have invited a representative of a Dutch university and two representatives of Dutch companies as speakers to the event. Both companies and university will focus their TEDtalks on e-health, prevention, self-management and implications for the relationship between doctors and patients. Two speakers will elaborate on healthcare processes and the support of innovative technical solutions in general. Next, a good example of a Dutch innovative technical solution will be presented by a Telemedicine and E-health supplier, leader in the European market. In addition we have invited Russian health care specialists, representatives of universities such as the Higher School of Economics and innovators to share their innovative ideas, including Russian startups from Skolkovo Innovation Center that work on e-solutions for health care problems and may add to the Dutch solutions.

  1. What do you hope to achieve by organizing this event?

We would like to share knowledge and experiences (challenges and opportunities) with Russia in the field of e-health, and develop a Dutch-Russian network of stakeholders from governmental bodies, academic and scientific institutions, businesses and, of course, health care practitioners.

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