The Dutch Embassy in Tokyo to give the floor to Dutch innovator Boyan Slat and his Ocean Clean-up

Looking back on a successful event

The presentation by The Ocean Cleanup proved that the organization has made enormous progress over the last four years, since founder and CEO Boyan Slat gained national and international publicity when he explained his revolutionary idea in his renowned TED Talk in 2012 in Delft. This time The Ocean Cleanup’s Dieke van der Gugten convinced the audience – consisting of Japanese and Dutch invitees – once again of the absolute urge to find a sustainable solution for purifying the oceans of plastic litter and other debris. The presentation showed that even a well-developed country such as Japan faces enormous challenges when it comes to keeping the rivers and oceans clean. It’s not hard to imagine what this means in lesser-developed parts of the world. The Netherlands embassy in Tokyo genuinely hopes that The Ocean Cleanup will succeed in reaching its goals and we are looking forward to seeing the organization here in Japan again!

Every TEDxBinnenhof Dutch embassies from around the world help us spread Ideas worth Spreading. With great enthusiasm they set up their own viewing event, where they watch 2 or 3 or sometimes all the TEDxBinnenhof Talks live with their audience. Usually they select a theme that is relevant to their trade relations with the country they’re based in. By inviting speakers of their own and hosting interactive discussions about innovation and trade they have time and again generated amazing responses globally. This year the Dutch embassies are joining us again including the Embassy in Tokyo! They are using the viewing event as an opportunity to follow up on Boyan Slat’s TEDx Talk in Delft in 2012 and to showcase how his innovation is being applied in Japan. 

On Friday 18 March the Netherlands Embassy in Tokyo organizes a presentation of ‘The Ocean Clean-up’. The Ocean Clean-up’s goal is to fuel the world’s fight against oceanic plastic pollution by initiating the largest cleanup in history ( Founder and CEO of The Ocean Clean-up – Boyan Slat – gained national and international publicity when he first explained his idea in a renowned TEDx Talk in 2012 in Delft. The Ocean Clean-up selected the Japanese island of Tsushima as a possible pilot location for their project. The Netherlands Embassy in Tokyo would therefore like to give the floor again to The Ocean Clean-up to hear about the progress they have made with their revolutionary concept and what plans they have for the future.

We aim to strengthen the image of the Netherlands as a constructive partner in facing current and future environmental challenges. Also, we would like to generate as much attention as possible for the Ocean Clean-up’s revolutionary idea. Lastly we hope to strengthen our network with new and existing contacts from several companies and governmental agencies.

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