The Dutch Embassy in Algiers to host a viewing event of TEDxBinnenhof

Every TEDxBinnenhof Dutch embassies from around the world help us spread Ideas worth Spreading. With great enthusiasm they set up their own viewing event, where they watch 2 or 3 or sometimes all the TEDxBinnenhof Talks live with their audience. Usually they select a theme that is relevant to their trade relations with the country they’re based in. By inviting speakers of their own and hosting interactive discussions about innovation and trade they have time and again generated amazing responses globally. This year the Dutch embassies are joining us again including the Embassy in Algiers! Read about their plans here:

TEDxBinnenhof | Ideas from Europe got us thinking about organising a similar event in Algeria. We used TEDxBinnenhof as a basis, and even two of its video’s will be screened in Algiers. Added with live talks from a Dutch / Algerian entrepreneurs and the Tunisian representative of Spark (start-up incubator) and two panel discussions. Algeria’s first TEDx Salon will take the name of TEDxBinnenhofSalonAlgiers.

Our event, the TEDxBinnenhofSalonAlgiers centres on the theme of start-up & entrepreneurs. The full theme of this day: Netherlands Entrepreneurs share their innovative ideas and experiences with business start-ups. It will be a salon session, so after the video talks from The Hague and the live talks in Algiers, there will be two moderated panel discussions. With participants from the business world of Algeria, but also the chamber of commerce, public entrepreneurial agencies, business organisations and incubators and even a representative of the Dutch PUM program.

We expect approximately 200 people at the event; young entrepreneurs, established businessmen, students, economic development policy makers from both Algeria and the international scene, start-ups, businesses participating in the chamber of commerce program to support starting businesses. An Algiers-based Dutch entrepreneur will share has experiences in a talk, while the director of a Dutch multinational branch in Algeria will participate in the panel.

What we hope inspire and encourage young Algerian students and entrepreneurs, and share knowledge presented in the Netherlands at TEDxBinnenhof; promote discussions between Algerian and Dutch companies, Algerian responsible authorities, entrepreneurs, SME’s, anybody with an entrepreneurial spirit; strengthen the dialogue and support potential cooperation between Algerian and Dutch start-uppers; and discuss the importance of accompanying business startups in the Algerian context through examples from the Netherlands and Algeria.

We will achieve this by creating an environment where Dutch entrepreneurs, PUM expert, Dutch incubator experts share the Dutch experience in starting up a business and meet/network with Algerian local start-ups, businesses and relevant institutions. We will facilitate the exchange of experiences between established entrepreneurs & start-up supporters on innovation and students and upcoming entrepreneurs. Furthermore, we aim to inform and inspire potential entrepreneurs, establish contacts between (Dutch) entrepreneurs and local start-ups and generate contacts between Algerian institutions and authorities (Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Labor and Employment, Ministry of Industry, ANSEJ, ANGEM, CNAC..etc) and Dutch experts in the domain of accompanying business startups.


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