Dutch missions all over the world will participate in TEDxBinnenhof by organising their own designed viewing events at their locations. Want to know exactly what all missions will organise at these locations? What the theme is or which speakers they invite? Click on the mission’s profile to learn what format the mission used!

For questions, please get in touch with Patricia Ottevanger.

18 March 2016
Looking back on a successful event!

The presentation by The Ocean Cleanup proved that the organization has made enormous progress over the last four years, since founder and CEO Boyan Slat gained national and international publicity when he explained his revolutionary idea in his renowned TED Talk in 2012 in Delft. This time The Ocean Cleanup’s Dieke van der Gugten convinced the audience – consisting of Japanese and Dutch invitees – once again of the absolute urge to find a sustainable solution for purifying the oceans of plastic litter and other debris. The presentation showed that even a well-developed country such as Japan faces enormous challenges when it comes to keeping the rivers and oceans clean. It’s not hard to imagine what this means in lesser-developed parts of the world. The Netherlands embassy in Tokyo genuinely hopes that The Ocean Cleanup will succeed in reaching its goals and we are looking forward to seeing the organization here in Japan again!

  1. How did TEDxBinnenhof | Ideas from Europe inspire your mission and/or event?

It’s well known that Boyan Slat, CEO and founder of ‘The Ocean Clean-up’ gained a lot of national and international publicity with his TEDx talk in 2012 on his idea to rinse the oceans of plastics and other debris. The last few years he and his team have made tremendous progress with their idea and they even identified several pilot locations, among others at the Japanese island of Tsushima. Two of his employees are currently in Japan on a research mission. A TED talk at the Netherlands Embassy in Tokyo would be an excellent follow-up to the original Ted talk that Boyan held four years ago.

Because of the time differences it proved to be impossible to organize a livestream. Therefore we will take enough pictures during this ‘pre-event’ that can be displayed at the TEDxBinnenhof website.

  1. What will your event look like?

Program viewing party 18 March:

17:00     Arrival of the guests, welcome drinks served
17:15     Welcome words by Marc Gerritsen, Head of the Economic Section, Netherlands Embassy
17:30     TEDx talk by Dieke van der Gugten from the Ocean Cleanup
17:45     Q&A and discussion with the audience
18:00     Drinks & snacks

  1. Who will be invited to your event?

We will invite a selection of relevant contacts from several governmental agencies and a selection of guests from the Dutch and Japanese business network.

  1. What do you hope to achieve by organising this event?

We aim to strengthen the image of the Netherlands as a constructive partner in facing current and future environmental challenges. Also, we would like to generate as much attention as possible for the Ocean Clean-up’s revolutionary idea. Lastly we hope to strengthen our network with new and existing contacts from several companies and governmental agencies.

31 March 2016

On March 31th 2016, the Dutch Consulate General in Milan is going to participate in the TEDxBinnenhof event.

Our guests have the opportunity, during this occasion, to listen to the TEDx talks in The Hague and to speakers, on the spot, that will introduce interesting themes in the field of innovation and new materials in health and in design.

The TEDx event is a great networking opportunity; representatives of start-ups, science parks, research institutes and students, mainly from Italy, will meet each other. All People with passion in their field of expertise and innovators. We believe they have a key role in doing business in Italy, the Netherlands and internationally.

About 40 attendees have already been registered; they will be welcomed in a practical and informal atmosphere at the Consulate. Main goal of the event is to facilitate discussion on innovation themes among our guests and to explore in what way follow up can be given.

Program – Global Challenges | Ideas from Europe

The 2016 TEDxBinnenhof edition is dedicated to European entrepreneurship in the context of the Dutch EU Presidency. The speakers for TEDxBinnenhof in the Hague have been selected from the 26 member states and Norway. The ideas are not only ‘worth spreading’ but also ‘worth doing’!

Let’s listen to their TEDx talks followed by a discussion at the Consulate General in Milan about innovation in the new materials, in health and in design with experts from the field.

13:00 – 13:40 welcome and light lunch

13.40 – 13.45 opening show from the Hague

13:47 – 13:52 welcome speech from the Hague (Minister/Vice-Minister)

13:52 – 13:54 movie Chris Anderson (founder TED)

13:58 – 14:05 introductory words at the Consulate General in Milan

14:09 – 14:16 Italian speaker on new materials mr. LORENZO PRADELLA (Greenbone Ortho Srl) – livestream from the Hague

14:17 – 14:34 Ms. Francesca Fedeli (Fight the Stroke & TED Ambassador in Italy) & Mr. Paolo Decaro (Frog Design) on innovative health&design – live on the spot

14:35– 14:42 Mr. Aniello Aliberti (Technix Spa) on innovation in radiography – live on the spot

14:43 – 14:50 Mr. Aldo Angeletti (SALF Spa – pharmacology lab) – live on the spot

14:51 – 14:56 Ms. Ariela Benigni (Istituto Mario Negri – Institute for Pharmacological Research) – live on the spot

14.57 – 15:00 Un saluto from Milan to the Hague (in livestreaming) and end of the event

Speeches from the Netherlands will be in English. Discussion at the Consulate in Italian.



31 March 2016

Due to great interest in our TEDxBinnenhof viewing event, we have decided to change the location! The event will now take place at Dogpatch Labs, which is, as our viewing event, a place where innovative ideas and ingenious solutions come together. Dogpatch Labs is a coworking space for technology start-ups.

Dogpatch Labs

The CHQ Building
Custom House Quay
Dublin Docklands
Dublin 1

You can still invite your friends & come to our TEDxBinnenhof event: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/tedxbinnenhof-viewing-event-ingenious-solutions-to-current-challenges-tickets-23039542893

The programme of our event will stay the same, but now at a great and inspiring location! This 31 March, we will livestream the TEDxBinnenhof TED Talks from Nora Khaldi (Ireland) and Jos Joore (the Netherlands) and we will have presentations from Andrew Douglas (Urban Farm Dublin), Adriaan Waiboer (Curator of the National Gallery of Ireland), Tony Bates (CEO of Headstrong) and Jojanneke van den Bosch (founder of OnlineComm Academy), presenter of the event and writer of her new book ‘Live Your Talks, which she will present at this TEDxBinnenhof viewing event. The Q&A and discussion sessions will be moderated by Simon Cocking from the famous Irish Tech News.

  1. How did TEDxBinnenhof | Ideas from Europe inspire your mission and/or event?

The current world problems are only solvable with innovative, ingenious ideas. As Dutch embassy in Dublin we want to bring Dutch and Irish ideas together. Let’s listen to innovators, let’s discuss their projects and let’s brainstorm together about solutions for the current challenges we stand for. We aim to create a platform of inspiration for Dutch and Irish businesses, civil servants and (international) students.

  1. What will your event look like?

Innovative ideas from Ireland and the Netherlands | Ingenious solutions to current challenges is the theme of our TEDxBinnenhof 2016 viewing event. It is great to see that both Ireland and the Netherlands are represented during the TEDxBinnenhof event in The Hague. We will livestream both talks and have a Q&A and discussion afterwards, moderated by a talented journalist of Irish Tech News. We are honoured to announce that keynote speaker Jojanneke van den Bosch will present our event. She will be the icing on the cake when finishing the event with background information about TEDtalks and some tips about public speaking.

Because of the broadness of challenges we stand for today, our speakers have total different backgrounds. Andrew Douglas, who runs an urban farm on Dublin’s rooftops and grows oyster mushrooms out of coffee grid, gives his solutions to current challenges as food security and urbanisation. And totally different, but as interesting as our urban farmer, is the Dutch curator Adriaan Waiboer of the National Gallery of Ireland.

All in all a highly interesting event where our speakers are not just senders of information, where we create a platform of interaction and innovative thinking.

Programme viewing party 31 March:

13.00 – 13.15         Walk in

13.15 – 13.25         Warm welcome with coffee & tea

13.25 – 13.30         Word of welcome by Thom Klück, Deputy Head of Mission at The Netherlands Embassy (live on the spot)

13.30 – 13.40         Introduction of the speakers by Jojanneke van den Bosch (live on the spot)

13.40 – 13.50         TEDx talk by Nora Khaldi: Revolutionising health by providing unique access to natural peptides from food (livestram from The Hague)

13.50 – 14.00         Questions from the audience & additional comments by Simon Cocking (live on the spot)

14.05 – 14.15         Talk by Andrew Douglas, owner of Urban Farm, Dublin (live on the spot)

14.15 – 14.30         Questions from the audience & additional comments by Simon Cocking (live on the spot)

14.30 – 14.50         Break with coffee & tea

14.50 – 15.00         Talk by Adriaan Waiboer, curator National Gallery in Ireland (live on the spot)

15.00 – 15.15         Questions from the audience & additional comments by Simon Cocking (live on the spot)

15.20 – 15.30         TEDx talk by Jos Joore: Supermodels for supercures (livestream from The Hague)

15.30 – 15.40         Questions from the audience & additional comments by Simon Cocking (live on the spot)

15.40 – 16.00         Talk by Jojanneke van den Bosch

16.00                         Informal reception with drinks & snacks

  1. Who will be invited to your event?

We will invite business relations, relevant contacts from several governmental agencies, the Dutch community in Ireland and of course the next generation of innovative thinkers: (international) students from both universities in Dublin.

  1. What do you hope to achieve by organising this event?

We want to create a platform where different types of organisations and different types of people brainstorm together. This event aims to be a platform for cooperation and inspiration, by highlighting the current world problems and the innovative solutions people create. We will give the floor to ideas worth spreading and discussing.

31 March 2016
  1. How did TEDxBinnenhof | Ideas from Europe inspire your mission and/or event?

It was not necessarily TEDxBinnenhof itself, but the ideas, that are inspiring us to cooperate in this event. Great ideas worth spreading, and truly ideas from Europe – in The Hague alone, there are ideas representing 11 nationalities. TEDxBinnenhof does a great job in connecting these different countries. We wanted to connect people and do the same on a smaller scale, so we decided to cooperate with our counterparts in Croatia: the Dutch embassy in Zagreb. Together we are doing an unprecedented event: a virtual panel discussion in two countries at the same time.

  1. What will your event look like? 

We will try to highlight TEDxBinnenhof and the priorities of the Dutch EU presidency (in this case job creation and innovation) in Slovenia and Croatia. In collaborating with our colleagues in Zagreb, we provide a good example of a European cooperation, as also is prioritized in the EU2016 programme.

The leading theme of TEDxBinnenhof is ‘ideas from Europe’. In Ljubljana and Zagreb we think that the best example of ideas from Europe is cross-border cooperation. So we organized a truly European event: at the same time in different countries, we have a live viewing event of TEDxBinnenhof and an international panel discussion on ideas and innovation – via Skype. Two cities, two moderators, one connection – literally ideas from Europe. We want to show that there ideas are worth spreading across national borders, so we invited innovators from both Croatia and Slovenia to talk about their projects and comment on the talks in The Hague. To reinforce the theme of the event, we will hold Ideas from Europe in Ljubljana’s City of Design, a place full of innovative ideas and products.

  1. Who will be invited to your event?

There is room for only a limited number of participants, but the impact of our event is way bigger: not only do we have attention in neighbouring Croatia; we have already found two media partners to ensure good coverage in the Slovene media.

31 March 2016
  1. How did TEDxBinnenhof | Ideas from Europe inspire your mission and/or event?

We have recognized TEDxBinnenhof | Ideas from Europe as a top innovation event and an inspiring platform for discussing how entrepreneurship based on innovative ideas can be stimulated, also in Croatia, to shape the better future. Innovation of the digital single market is a key to Europe’s competitiveness and economic growth, and is also one of the four priorities of the Netherlands EU Presidency. The viewing event was the exact opportunity to highlight this.

Even more, we were inspired to do it together with our colleagues from the Embassy in Ljubljana, and to bring together entrepreneurial ideas and projects from both countries.

  1. What will your event look like? 

In March 31, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Zagreb, in cooperation with our partners from TEDxZagreb and our colleagues from the Dutch Embassy in Ljubljana, will organise a special viewing and networking event “Ideas from Europe: Ljubljana-Zagreb–The Hague LIVE” Networking Salon, to inspire with the latest innovative and society-changing ideas in health, high tech, energy, sustainability, social enterprises, farming, long term care and other fields, as presented in the TEDxBinnenhoff.

Sparked by the twelve innovative entrepreneurs, the Croatian and Slovenian entrepreneurs, thinkers and trendsetters will have their turn as well. In a joint livestream interactive panel discussion they will be able to discuss ideas and to explore possibilities for cross-border and international cooperation and talk about start-ups and trade. We are excited that during our bilateral discussion we will be connected live to the programme of TEDxBinnenhof in The Hague, in order to inform them about our events in Ljubljana and Zagreb. This will be shown at multiple viewing events all over the world, where Dutch Embassies are organising similar events at the same time.

The programme will be concluded with a Networking Salon, a new original Networking Salon format established by our partners from TEDxZagreb and supported by The Westin Zagreb, where the participants can casually interact in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and meet inspiring entrepreneurs from Croatia or learn about the attractive environment for start-ups in the Netherlands, one of Europe’s hottest start-up hubs. In parallel to the Networking Salon, a special panel about transformation of healthcare through innovation will be organized by Philips, our general partner.

We are also proudly sponsored by our partner companies Bavaria, Beemster, bio&bio and Heineken.   

  1. Who will be invited to your event?

Everyone who is interested in new innovative ideas and solutions that will influence our lives and who would like to share his or her own views is invited. We expect about 200-250 guests, and are sure they will take the use of this opportunity to get inspired, connected and presented. Our motto is – Let the ideas worth spreading be our inspiration for an innovative future for Europe!

31 March 2016
31 March 2016
1 April 2016
7 April 2016
  1. How did TEDxBinnenhof | Ideas from Europe inspire your mission and/or event?

The embassy wants to reach out to a young entrepreneurial audience. We hope to inspire and encourage confidence in their ideas, initiatives and formats by hosting a TEDxBinnenhof viewing party. We initiated a meeting with ImpactHUB. The HUB offers young businessmen and women the possibility to use the office facilities of the HUB, their networks and participation at trainings. This is exactly the target we are aiming for.

  1. What will your event look like? 

We are working on setting up an event in Bucharest and in Cluj. Cluj is a known university town, where recently ImpactHUB Cluj was opened. Many Dutch companies are located in Cluj and the embassy has an Honorary Consulate there. Date is yet to be confirmed.

The theme of TEDxBinnenhof 2016 is Ideas from Europe.  From social innovators to educators, to professionals, scientists, engineers and doctors, TEDx speakers usually have one thing in common; passion in their field of expertise, a passion that transcends and inspires. For TEDxBinnenhof 2016, innovators from 25 European member states were auditioned and the 12 very best ‘Ideas from Europe’ were selected to grace the famous red circle carpet and inspire us.

It is great that among the selected 12 very best ‘Ideas from Europe’ a Dutch and Romanian speaker were included. Our viewing parties at the HUB Bucharest and HUB Cluj will therefore show the talks of Jos Joore and Stefania Druga and we will carefully select other speakers who are relevant to the Romanian context. The Romanian partner also asked for an established Dutch entrepreneur/CEO to speak about his/hers experiences.

  1. Who will be invited to your event?

We will be inviting members of the HUB, and possibly members of the Romanian Netherlands Chamber of Commerce and Dutch Business Community Cluj.

  1. What do you hope to achieve by organising this event?

By organising this event, we hope to strengthen our network with new and existing contacts. We aim to put the Netherlands on the map by giving an example and to be part of this innovative event.


7 April 2016
  1. How did TEDxBinnenhof | Ideas from Europe inspire your mission and/or event?

The Netherlands, together with The District-Egypt, do organize on the 7th of April:

Renewable Energy – Ideas from Egypt

Inspired by

TEDx Binnenhof – Ideas from Europe

We hope to inspire and encourage young entrepreneurs from Egypt to have confidence in their ideas, initiatives and formats by hosting this event. 6 young entrepreneurs from Egypt will get the floor to present their Renewable Energy ideas or initiatives to an audience of Egyptian and Dutch entrepreneurs, government officials, Investment Institutes and NGO’s. Kees van der Leun from Ecofys, a Dutch leading company in renewable energy, will reflect on the presented ideas and will elaborate on the challenges to go from start-up to a player with global reach. To get some of the atmosphere of TEDxBinnenhof we will show the introductions from the 31st of March on the 7th of April.

  1. What will your event look like? 

10.00-10.30       Registration – coffee and tea

10.30-10.35       Welcome

10.35-10.40       Openingsspeech (video) – Martijn van Dam, Minister of Agriculture

10.40-10.45       TEDxBinnenhof in retrospect (video)

10.45-10.55       Ideas from the Netherlands – Setting the Scene

10.55-11.25       Ideas from Egypt – 6 pitches

11.25-11.50       Q&A’s

11.50-12.00       Reflections by Kees van der Leun – CCO & Managing director at Ecofys

12.00-13.00       Network reception

  1. Who will be invited to your event? 

The members of the EDBC, the Egyptian Dutch Business Club, Egyptian entrepreneurs from The District, government officials, Investment Institutes and NGO’s

  1. What do you hope to achieve by organizing this event?

We hope to inspire and encourage young entrepreneurs from Egypt to have confidence in their ideas, initiatives and formats by hosting this event. We strengthen our network with new and existing contacts in the field of Renewable Energy in Egypt and we to put the Netherlands on the map as creative partner in this field.

7 April 2016
14 April 2016
  1. How did TEDxBinnenhof | Ideas from Europe inspire your mission and/or event?

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Nicosia has for the past 1 – 1 ½ years working towards showcasing the Netherlands as a frontrunner in innovative entrepreneurship. In this context, we saw TEDxBinnenhof | Ideas from Europe as an opportunity on which we could build an event moving in that direction.

  1. What will your event look like?

We will be organising a panel discussion in the light of the general theme of TEDxBinnenhof 2016, which is innovative entrepreneurship. The event will kick off with the projection of a series of recordings from TEDxBinnenhof 2016. Then it will be our panelists’ turn, followed by a discussion and later on a networking reception.

We have opted for a small, but heterogeneous panel that will consist of a government representative, the CEO of a start-up currently participating in the World Startup Factory programme in The Hague, as well as an academic and director of a local accelerator to moderate the discussion.

  1. Who will be attending your event?

Our event is geared towards local stakeholders, its objective being to provide for networking opportunities and a platform for building partnerships between policy-makers, the private sector and academia. These Cypriot stakeholders have one thing in common: their role is key in fostering an entrepreneurial/start-up eco-system in Cyprus.

  1. What do you hope to achieve by organizing this event?

Our aim is to bring together local stakeholders from government as well as the business, entrepreneurship and start-up milieu in Cyprus, promoting at the same time innovative entrepreneurship and the Netherlands/The Hague as a hub therein.

16 April 2016
  1. How did TEDxBinnenhof | Ideas from Europe inspire your mission and/or event?

TEDxBinnenhof | Ideas from Europe got us thinking about organising a similar event in Algeria. We used TEDxBinnenhof as a basis, and even two of its video’s will be screened in Algiers. Added with live talks from a Dutch / Algerian entrepreneurs and the Tunisian representative of Spark (start-up incubator) and two panel discussions. Algeria’s first TEDx Salon will take the name of TEDxBinnenhofSalonAlgiers.

  1. What will your event look like?

Our event, the TEDxBinnenhofSalonAlgiers centres on the theme of start-up & entrepreneurs. The full theme of this day: Netherlands Entrepreneurs share their innovative ideas and experiences with business start-ups.It will be a salon session, so after the video talks from The Hague and the live talks in Algiers, there will be two moderated panel discussions. With participants from the business world of Algeria, but also the chamber of commerce, public entrepreneurial agencies, business organisations and incubators and even a representative of the Dutch PUM program.

  1. Who will be invited to your event?

We expect approximately 200 people at the event; young entrepreneurs, established businessmen, students, economic development policy makers from both Algeria and the international scene, start-ups, businesses participating in the chamber of commerce program to support starting businesses. An Algiers-based Dutch entrepreneur will share has experiences in a talk, while the director of a Dutch multinational branch in Algeria will participate in the panel.

  1. What do you hope to achieve by organizing this event?

What we hope to gain:

  • Inspire and encourage young Algerian students and entrepreneurs, and share knowledge presented in the Netherlands at TEDxBinnenhof;
  • Promote discussions between Algerian and Dutch companies, Algerian responsible authorities, entrepreneurs, SME’s, anybody with an entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Strengthen the dialogue and support potential cooperation between Algerian and Dutch start-uppers;
  • Discuss the importance of accompanying business startups in the Algerian context through examples from the Netherlands and Algeria;

We will achieve this by:

  • Creating an environment where Dutch entrepreneurs, PUM expert, Dutch incubator experts share the Dutch experience in starting up a business and meet/network with Algerian local start-ups, businesses and relevant institutions.
  • Facilitating the exchange of experiences between established entrepreneurs & start-up supporters on innovation and students and upcoming entrepreneurs.
  • Informing & inspiring potential entrepreneurs.
  • Establishing contacts between (Dutch) entrepreneurs and local start-ups.
  • Generating contacts between Algerian institutions and authorities (Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Labor and Employment, Ministry of Industry, ANSEJ, ANGEM, CNAC..etc) and Dutch experts in the domain of accompanying business startups.


20 April 2016
  1. How did TEDxBinnenhof | Ideas from Europe inspire your mission and/or event?

When we were informed about the TEDxBinnenhof event, Ideas from Europe, and we saw that a couple of speakers would focus their talks on health, we decided to seize the opportunity and organize our own e-health TED style event in Russia.

  1. What will your event look like?

In Moscow we will organize this event on April 25 from 14:30 until 18:00. E-health is an important topic in the Netherlands and also in Russia; basically we all are looking for global solutions for common human health threats and challenges. As such, the topic is on the agenda of the bilateral health working group between the Netherlands and Russia. The event will focus on the role and importance of innovative technologies and e-tools in health care and the aim is to show Russian and Dutch innovative thinking and share knowledge about e-health solutions. The TEDx formula allows showcasing real-life examples from the Netherlands and Russia, as such inspiring all present.

  1. Who will be invited to your event?

We have invited a representative of a Dutch university and two representatives of Dutch companies as speakers to the event. Both companies and university will focus their TEDtalks on e-health, prevention, self-management and implications for the relationship between doctors and patients. Two speakers will elaborate on healthcare processes and the support of innovative technical solutions in general. Next, a good example of a Dutch innovative technical solution will be presented by a Telemedicine and E-health supplier, leader in the European market. In addition we have invited Russian health care specialists, representatives of universities such as the Higher School of Economics and innovators to share their innovative ideas, including Russian startups from Skolkovo Innovation Center that work on e-solutions for health care problems and may add to the Dutch solutions.

  1. What do you hope to achieve by organizing this event?

We would like to share knowledge and experiences (challenges and opportunities) with Russia in the field of e-health, and develop a Dutch-Russian network of stakeholders from governmental bodies, academic and scientific institutions, businesses and, of course, health care practitioners.

21 April 2016

How did TEDxBinnenhof | Ideas from Europe inspire your mission and/or event?
The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bulgaria happily embraced the idea of  TEDxBinnenhof to set up a viewing event with presentations by international speakers talking about Global challenges and sharing “Ideas worth doing”.

What will your event look like?
On 21 April we have invited innovative Bulgarian and Dutch entrepreneurs from different fields that would share with us their visions and perspectives on innovation and entrepreneurship being the new drivers for the European economy.

On 31 March in The Hague was held the 2016 edition of TEDxBinnenhof dedicated to European entrepreneurship which happened also within the framework of the Dutch EU presidency in 2016. The Netherlands EU presidency provides an excellent opportunity to further our mission and to promote The Netherlands and Bulgaria as innovative startup & entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Furthermore, one of the main goals of the Netherlands is to establish a thriving and competitive innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem. The Netherlands now ranks No1 on the Startup Nation ScoreBoard of the European Digital Forum. 

Who will be invited to your event?
We expect that the event will be attended by start-ups and start-up incubators, funds and financing institutions, SME’s representatives and media. The event will close with a networking drink for all participants.

What do you hope to achieve by organising this event?
The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands has taken the initiative to host this event with the aim to connect people with entrepreneurial mind-set from both countries, startups, developers and investors with knowledge about specific themes which can inspire and bring about new partnerships.

21 April 2016
  1. How did TEDxBinnenhof | Ideas from Europe inspire your mission and/or event?

We are always on the lookout for new hooks and ideas that can open doors for Dutch SME’s to enter the Belgian market. Belgium is a very challenging market. It demands a high level of innovation and creativity from Dutch entrepreneurs and SME’s to be able to stand out and be successful here. TEDxBinnenhof gives us the opportunity to communicate the importance of cross-border sharing of ideas and networks to grow business.

This year’s TEDxBinnenhof took place in the framework of the Netherlands Presidency of the Council of the EU. From the Embassy in Brussels, we were happy with the chance to support the Dutch Presidency this way.

  1. What will your event look like?

The theme is startups and entrepreneurial spirits. The challenge of the live talks focuses on Raw Materials and Energy with focus on Cradle-to-cradle.

The format is a fun and inspiring afternoon with a kick-off by, Laurent Hublet, Advisor in charge of Digital Agenda at Belgian Federal Government and Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and Frank Stocks, Managing Director ING Belgium.

Followed by a key note from Sonja van Meerbeek (Director TEDxBinnenhof), a viewing moment with the best of TEDxBinnenhof 2016:

– Jos Joore, Mimetas (NL)

– Anita Schjøll Brede, Iris Al (NO)

– Gerhard Dust – PolyCare (DE) and live presentations by mind changing entrepreneurs from the Netherlands and Belgium addressing the challenge of Raw Materials and Cradle-to-Cradle technology:

– Jasper Verreydt – Turbulent Hydro (BE)

– Ben Ratelband – Stexfibers (NL)

– Jan-Willem Rombouts and Pieter-Jan Mermans – REstore(BE)

Ambassador of the Netherlands in Belgium, Maryem van den Heuvel, will close the afternoon with a reflection on the day and what is ahead, eg. Startup Fest Europe, and an invitation to the Mix & Mingle network reception.

  1. Who will be invited to your event?

We are focussing on bringing the Belgian and Dutch startup communities together, hence our cooperation the Startups.be and ING Belgium in organizing this event, as well as representatives of relevant EU institutions and associations. For example DG Connect, Digital Europe, Business Europe as well as Embassies and Permanent Representations of other EU member states.

  1. What do you hope to achieve by organizing this event?

Connecting the Dutch and Belgian startup communities.

A bridge for Belgian startups to come to Startup Fest Europe.

A unique get-together of innovative parties and people in Brussel that supports growth and entrepreneurship in Europe.

25 April 2016
9 May 2016