Why students work with TEDxBinnenhof Academy

The last few months, students from Inholland University of Applied Science in The Hague and Diemen have been working with TEDxBinnenhof in the Academy. They have been working on their own viewing events, which are held on March 31 also, and look for the X of their peers and teachers.

One of them is Amerigo Borghi, student of IBIS, who has played a large part in organizing various events for the TEDxBinnenhof/Inholland collaboration. We asked him about his involvement.

“My name is Amerigo Borghi, I’m 20 years old, study International Business Innovation Studies in Diemen, and I love to meet new people and discover the world through new experiences. I rate myself as a highly energetic communicator that always strive for the best!”

What projects have you worked on with TEDxBinnenhof?
“The organization of a viewing party that is going to take place on the 31st of March 2016. I was promoter and kind of manager of the event, within a team of 3 people.”

What did you learn from the work you did?
“I still have to finish this assignment, but so far I think I have learnt to manage an event, send the invitations coordinate the task within a team.”

Would you recommend working with TEDxBinnenhof?
“Yes I definitely recommend working for the TEDx, it’s a nice experience and you can actually create a wonderful network of innovative and clever people!”

Amerigo is not the only one, off course. Watch the videos of other students talk about their involvement with TEDxBinnenhof Academy at the student page.

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