Greece and Sweden joining the other ten speakers at TEDxBinnenhof

After inspiring campaigns from both Greece and Sweden, TEDxBinnenhof has decided to send them both to The Hague on March 31! There they will join the other 10 speakers to share their Ideas from Europe. The combined efforts of Greece and Sweden led to a neck-and-neck race in the Wildcard Challenge, giving them the lead with 50.000 out of almost 60.000 votes in total.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 11.44.43Both Charalampos (Harris) Ioannou of Greece and Micael Hermansson from Sweden held a fierce campaign over the last few weeks. Harris used his network and his Facebook page to let people know to vote for him. “After a couple of days my friends told me they shared it with their friends and that everybody was voting. Then the local press got wind of it and wrote an article about TEDxBinnenhof and the Ideas of Europe. That helped a lot.”

Micael used his network of the national teachers union of Sweden. Moreover, MP’s of the leading parties in the Swedish parliament were involved in calling on people to vote for Micael. All because they find that his idea was worth spreading. “In Luxembourg we had only three minutes to share our idea. Now that we have seven minutes, it will be great.”

Both Harris and Micael will be in The Hague on March 31, in The Knights Hall. Along with ten other Ideas from Europe, they will speak about their idea. In the coming weeks we will introduce them to you and you can watch their talk about their idea on the website,

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