The Dutch embassy in Zagreb to collaborate with Ljubljana to showcase entrepreneurship

Every TEDxBinnenhof Dutch embassies from around the world help us spread Ideas worth Spreading. With great enthusiasm they set up their own viewing event, where they watch 2 or 3 or sometimes all the TEDxBinnenhof Talks live with their audience. Usually they select a theme that is relevant to their trade relations with the country they’re based in. By inviting speakers of their own and hosting interactive discussions about innovation and trade they have time and again generated amazing responses globally. This year the Dutch embassies are joining us again including the Embassy in Zagreb! Through a joint livestream interactive panel discussion they will showcase Croatian and Slovenian entrepreneurship. Read more here:

We, of the Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia, have recognized TEDxBinnenhof | Ideas from Europe as a top innovation event and an inspiring platform for discussing how entrepreneurship based on innovative ideas can be stimulated, also in Croatia, to shape the better future. Innovation of the digital single market is a key to Europe’s competitiveness and economic growth, and is also one of the four priorities of the Netherlands EU Presidency. The viewing event was the exact opportunity to highlight this.

Even more, we were inspired to do it together with our colleagues from the Embassy in Ljubljana, and to bring together entrepreneurial ideas and projects from both countries.

On March 31, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Zagreb, in cooperation with our partners from TEDxZagreb and our colleagues from the Dutch Embassy in Ljubljana, will organise a special viewing and networking event “Ideas from Europe: Ljubljana-Zagreb–The Hague LIVE” Networking Salon, to inspire with the latest innovative and society-changing ideas in health, high tech, energy, sustainability, social enterprises, farming, long term care and other fields, as presented in the TEDxBinnenhoff.

Sparked by the twelve innovative entrepreneurs, the Croatian and Slovenian entrepreneurs, thinkers and trendsetters will have their turn as well. In a joint livestream interactive panel discussion they will be able to discuss ideas and to explore possibilities for cross-border and international cooperation and talk about start-ups and trade. We are excited that during our bilateral discussion we will be connected live to the programme of TEDxBinnenhof in The Hague, in order to inform them about our events in Ljubljana and Zagreb. This will be shown at multiple viewing events all over the world, where Dutch Embassies are organising similar events at the same time.

NetSalon_logotipThe programme will be concluded with a Networking Salon, a new original Networking Salon format established by our partners from TEDxZagreb and supported by The Westin Zagreb, where the participants can casually interact in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and meet inspiring entrepreneurs from Croatia or learn about the attractive environment for start-ups in the Netherlands, one of Europe’s hottest start-up hubs. In parallel to the Networking Salon, a special panel about transformation of healthcare through innovation will be organized by Philips, our general partner.

We are also proudly sponsored by our partner companies Bavaria, Beemster, bio&bio and Heineken.   

Everyone who is interested in new innovative ideas and solutions that will influence our lives and who would like to share his or her own views is invited. We expect about 200-250 guests, and are sure they will take the use of this opportunity to get inspired, connected and presented. Our moto is – Let the ideas worth spreading be our inspiration for an innovative future for Europe!

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